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In a rapidly growing and increasingly interconnected world, having safe and smart business protocols based on the fundamental elements of security, payments, and infrastructure is vital to a prosperous future. The intersection of the Cyber and FinTech industries is the root of digital innovation for the future. While there are undoubtedly other industries and factors at play, these two will play a vital role in how the world will be shaped moving forward. Bringing together thought leaders and industry disruptors is our way of keeping these challenges and the positive impact that entrepreneurs have
on them in the forefront of discussion.

Atlanta Tech Park and CyberHub Summit are proud to announce that they are partnering together this year to bring the annual Cyber FinTech Global Conference. This year we are taking a more precise approach and we have established tracks to ensure we are able to comply with any limitations due to covid-19.


“I want to create an ecosystem that curates innovation and engages entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs to accelerate their business.”
R O B I N  B I E N F A I T,  F O U N D E R,  A T L A N T A T E C H P A R K